Saturday, 20 August 2016

My Hair Makeover- Yay!

Before & After!

Since dying my hair black, I've had a love/hate relationship with my colour. A few friends have said they love the colour, whereas others have admitted they preferred me blonde. It took me AGES to actually start to like it even a little bit, and despite the fact I did eventually feel comfortable with it, I was always planning how I could slowly get back lighter.

That being said, I am the sort of person that absolutely can't make decisions when it comes to this sort of thing (I can NEVER decide on a colour at my trips to the nail salon), so actually deciding what colour to go and when to do it was difficult. So, when the opportunity arose to get a cut, colour and hacial* - a hair facial - I pounced at the chance. I had my appointment at the gorgeous Andrew Jose salon in Charlotte Street (London) and had my hair done by the equally gorgeous Evelina Lundgren.

On arrival, I showed a few pictures of the hair I was aiming for to Evelina, which was ashy brown balayage on my already black hair. I knew this wouldn't be possible in one appointment as my hair was pitch black all over, and Evelina explained that we could probably get it a dark ashy brown on the ends, and a more warm dark brown higher up my hair where there was more dye. I was absolutely fine with this and after my appointment, I'm actually really happy with the colour and am not even sure I want to go lighter for the time being!

For the process of colouring my hair, Evelina balayaged it, bleaching it with Olaplex, which if you don't know, is an amazing product that massively minimises the damage bleach does to your hair. After the colour had lifted as much as possible, it was orange at the ends and more red higher up the hair. She then used a toner to give it an ashy brown finish. 

During my appointment, Evelina also gave me a hacial treatment, which is basically a facial for your hair, a term developed by Andrew Jose. The treatment focuses on the pores on your scalp and looking closely at the health of the hair shaft.  During my hacial, she used Salon Science products, of which Andrew Jose is the ambassador of. The Salon Science products are perfect for specifically targeting particular hair issues, as they have a selection of products for different needs. She applied Salon Science's Scalp Scrub to my roots to help hydrate and stimulate my scalp, then used the Salon Science Cellutensive Masque Treatment in the lengths to give the rest of my hair a deep treatment. 

After my appointment, I'm absolutely thrilled with my hair and have had some really nice compliments since changing up my colour. I'm always very conscious of bleaching my hair and the effect it has on the condition but I am so happy with the condition its in, and even though I did get it cut, she trimmed off barely any which made my LIFE. I'm always worried hairdressers will trim off absolutely inches when I always express I want less than an inch off, but Evelina cut it perfectly and I'm so grateful for that!


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