Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Ultimate Summer Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin Review

This summer we've seen some super warm spells of weather, which I absolutely LOVE. I'm definitely not one of those people who moans "it's too hot" when the temperature creeps anything above 20 degrees. I fully embrace the warm weather because you seriously never know how long it's going to last in Britain!

One thing the lush weather has been doing, is making me take a step back from my usual go-to foundations. I typically opt for a 'higher the coverage the better' approach to foundation, but the heat has changed my tune and I've had the chance to fall in love with some of my more lightweight foundations.

My recent favourite has to be Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation, without a doubt. The formula of the foundation is a lot more watery in consistency compared to other foundations but I'm guessing this is what gives the foundation it's ultra natural and lightweight feel, which I'm obsessed with.

On your complexion, this gorgeous foundation feels insanely natural which is an absolute must at this time of year when it is hotter. It has a stunning satin finish which I think gives a beautiful 'glowing from within' look to my skin. On application the foundation instantly evens out my complexion and conceals my redness whilst also keeping my skin radiant and natural looking.

I have oily skin and this does give me a gorgeous natural glow without making me look oily so if you do have oily skin, this would still look great on you. Those with dry skin, I think this would be great as it as a really moisturising consistency and is full of ultra nourishing ingredients such as Litchiderm (natural derivative from lychee), Japanese Green Tea and Vitamin E which are all amazing for keeping your skin supple, hydrated and less dull.

The coverage is buildable and can be built to a fair coverage, but it does describe itself as providing medium to full coverage, which I don't agree with. I first bought this foundation back when my skin was causing me absolute havoc (acne, I do not miss you) and unfortunately the coverage of the foundation just wasn't suitable for my skin problems at that time as I needed a really high coverage, which it just didn't give. So from my experience, I would describe this as a light to medium coverage foundation.

That being said, I still do absolutely adore this foundation. Now my complexion has cleared up, it's perfect for my skin and is one of my favourite foundations at the moment. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a lightweight, natural looking foundation which gives a stunning 'my skin but better' look.


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