Monday, 29 May 2017

Battle Of The Higher End Brow Products

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I'm extremely smug to say- I have alright brows and I know it. Yes, the arrogance is real people. In my defence I have spent a lot of time (but mostly money) on my brows over the years and I'm pleased to say I'm finally happy with them. 

Despite my sickening pride in my eyebrows, few people know that my actual brows are pretty shit. I'll be honest, they are heaps better than they were naturally meant to be, but I was born with sparse and thin brows that will never be thick and long without a bit of extra help. 

This is where brow products have been a life saver. No exaggeration. Brow products are basically my desert island, holy grail, makeup bag essentials. So it's clear that brow products are my babies, and like any successful makeover it's all about the quality of the products.

Now, I would love to sit here and say that I've been bowled over by an eyebrow product that's under £10, but that's sadly not the case. I'm not a snob when it comes to brands and price (who doesn't love a bargain), but I've never really found a drugstore brow product that's worked as well as a more expensive one. If you know of an amazing high-street brow product, please holler at your girl because I'd love to try it!

But, the brow products I'm about to talk about are definitely worth the money and have both lasted me for well over a year, despite the back I basically use both of them every day, alternate days of the week.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbow steals the top spot, and is my absolute favourite brow product ever. Of all time. Period. The creamy texture of the product makes it easy to sculpt your dream brows, and they seriously stay perfect all freaking day. I have previously written about this little beauty, so read the full review here

The ABH Dipbrow doesn't come with a brush, and I use it with the MAC 208 brush, which I would highly recommend. The small size makes for the ultimate control and accuracy when crafting your brows.

The product that comes in second to Anastasia is the Benefit Brow Zings Kit. This clever little kit contains a brow gel and brow powder along with a nifty collapsible brush which has an angled end and blunt end. 

The only aspect of this kit I do not use at all is the blunt end of the brush - I just have no use for it. If you aren't going to make my brows look sharp enough to slay thine enemies then girl bye. I find I only need to use the angled end and I pick up both the gel and the powder using it.

On a typical day I would use the gel to create my desired brow outline as it glides easily and creates precise, sharp lines when used with an angled brush. I'd then use the powder to fill in the brows themselves.

From a UK citizen point of view, the Benefit Brow Zings Kit is a lot easy to get hold than ABH Dipbrow, but that being said nothing has stopped me from getting my hands on my holy grail products in the past. Not even the Atlantic Ocean. 


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