Wednesday 31 May 2017

Dry Hair Saviours

best products for dry hair

New hair, who dis?

After having black hair for just over a year, I have recently been going through the motions of going back to blonde.

I loved my hair black, but being a natural blonde every time the tiniest bit of root would come through, I would look like I was going bald or had grey roots coming through and with every time I dyed my roots black, I became more and more conscious of the fact that one day when I didn't want to be black any more, I was going to have to bleach (and really fucking damage) my whole hair.

So, in a bid to stop myself anticipating that process, I decided to go ahead and start the journey back to blonde. 

Now, I don't know if it's the hair dye that I used or if it's just the fact black is really hard to remove or a bit of both. But, whatever the reason, it was really, really hard to get the black out of my hair.

Long story short, eight bleaches and many inches cut off later, I'm finally a whole lot lighter and on my way to being blonde. But, there's no denying my hair is very VERY damaged as a result.

Throughout the journey, I depended on a lot of products to keep my hair as healthy as possible. 

Olaplex & Smartbond

Olaplex has quickly become known as a miracle of the modern world. If you don't know, you need to get to know. Basically, Olaplex is a product that can be added to bleach to reduce the damage it does to your hair. In addition to the product that is used at the salon, you can also purchase the 'third step' which is an at home treatment which prolongs the repairing effects of Olaplex. 

 As well as having Olaplex a number of times, I've also had Smartbond which is L'Oreal's version of Olaplex.

Let me pause this post to fill you in on the absolute SHADE between L'Oreal and Olaplex. According to Cosmo, L'Oreal got hold of Olaplex's technology after they appeared to want to buy out the company. But, they withdrew their interest and within no time Smartbond was born. Whether that was a coincidence or not, Olaplex were not happy and filed a lawsuit against L'Oreal. 🐍

Anyway, I have had both used on my hair and I can safely say that both are miraculous. I won't sit here and say that either Olaplex or Smartbond have reduced all the damage, but considering how much I've put my hair through, they have been amazing at keeping my hair in decent condition. 

You only have to log onto Pinterest to see pages of praise for the hero that is coconut oil. Worshipped for it’s instant hair healing powers, this beautiful oil is nature’s best hair treatment. Out of all my expensive lotions and potions, coconut oil is the product that I see the most visible difference after using. For a heavy duty treatment, I saturate my entire head of hair, leave it overnight and wash off in the morning. I also love coconut oil for taming my frizz between washes and helping my ends look healthy and heaps less damaged.

I love a good leave in treatment, and this Revlon one quenches my thirsty locks nicely. After a shower I simply spritz this through my hair – lengths, ends, the lot – and almost immediately my hair detangles and feels silkier. After drying, this gorgeous thing gives my tresses a shine to it and leaves it super manageable. This Revlon buy is definitely one of the best leave in treatments I’ve ever used, and it’s impressive price point makes it even easier to rave about!

My hair likes to frizz at any opportunity possible and because it's also so fine, it's hard for me to find a hair oil that'll both nourish and tame my hair without making it appear greasy. On the days that I wake up and my locks look like Hermione Granger (Circa The Chamber of Secrets), I take a small pump of this silky stuff and palm it evenly through my hair. It smooths my ends and structures my curls a little better, meaning there's no need for me to pick up a styling tool.


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