Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The High Street Gel Nail Polishes I ACTUALLY Like

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish Review

Until very recently I was ride or die for my old reliable acrylics, but since taking the plunge and deciding to rock my natural claws for a little while, I've been discovering a lot more about the nail polish market and what it has to offer. 

Believe me when I say, as a whole I don't love wearing varnish on my natural nails. Take into consideration the very attractive ridges left from years of acrylics and then there's the chipping.

 Most of the time they chip the second I attempt to open my shampoo, cleanser or any other type of bottle that I come into contact with throughout my typical day. And if I've somehow managed to finger ninja my cleanser bottle open WITHOUT ruining my polish, they'll decide to chip the second I get to work and reach for a pen. Literally, I don't have the patience. It pisses me off.

Before caving and running straight back to my salon and asking glumly for a full set of acrylics (Legally Blonde style after Elle finds out Warner has a fiance), I decided to dabble in the at home gel polishes out there.

I've tried a fair few and I'm sorry to say that I've never really been blown away. I still haven't been blown away, but I have found one that I actually like. Quite a lot in fact.

Rimmel London's 2 Step Super Gel polish promises quick drying, chip resistant varnish with up for 14 days wear. While I definitely won't go as far as penning the product completely chip resistant, this polish puts up a pretty tough fight against snagging and chipping, in ways that is better in comparison to most other high street gel alternative varnishes.

In addition to the 2 Step Super Gel's hardy nature, it does have an impressive drying time. I normally apply two coats of my desired colour topped with one swipe of the clear gel coat and all in all the air drying time is a little over ten minutes. Great for busy (read: impatient) souls like myself.

Applicators make or break nail polishes, and I adore the applicator on these beauties. They're a generous, fat size which allows for ultimate control when painting those nails and minimal mess. One quick brush over and you're ready to move onto the next nail. 

Now, let's talk colours. Because the most important thing about nail varnishes are the colours. Currently there are 25 available shades, including a lovely selection of nudes, brights and there is a shimmer in there if that's your sort of thing. My favourites include Shallow Bay and Perfect Rosy, the only colour I wish they had was a gorgeous khaki (hint, hint).

It most definitely isn't a foolproof alternative to real gel or acrylic nails, but Rimmel gives it a decent shot and is probably one of the best of the at home gel alternatives the high street has to offer. 


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