Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Body Exfoliation Post

While I'm insanely obsessed with all aspects of beauty and looking after my body inside and out, the one area I admit I am a massive slacker in is exfoliation. Although every time I visit by waxing beautician she makes me swear blind I will start exfoliating religiously, it always seems to trickle further and further down my to do list. 

That is until I was introduced to the products that these days make me impatient to exfoliate head to toe. These beauties put the excitement back into exfoliation.

Dry body brushing is one of the best kept secrets of beauty. It helps rid your body of cellulite, ingrown hairs and dry skin with minimal effort. The best part? Body brushes costs absolutely peanuts! Simply brush in circular motions head to toe to help slough away dead skin whilst also unclogging any pores that might be tempted to turn into ingrown hairs. Not only is dry brushing a dream for exfoliation, but the invigoration of your skin also helps break down cellulite.

All hail Fake Bake for creating the ultimate tanning products. Not only do they have the actual tan covered, but the prep too. I adore this stuff for a quick in shower exfoliate, I simply apply by hand or via loofah and scrub in circular motions to leave my skin buffed and even. I adore the sweet, fruity smell of the scrub and it's the perfect morning shower pick-me-up! This really is the perfect product for a quick and easy exfoliate.

If your girl is looking for a little bit more of a luxurious pamper experience, this is what you'll find me reaching for. This gorgeous scrub is submerged in oil, meaning you hydrate your body as your exfoliate. Lush. The key ingredient in the replenishing oil is Cupuacu nut, which is rumoured to be the Amazonian secret for nourished and healthy skin. Glamazonian body, here I come...

Forget it’s dreamy, hot pink, Instagram worthy packaging, it’s what’s inside that makes this product so desirable. The Mode’s Co coffee scrub contains coffee granules to stimulate the skin and rid it of rough skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. To give your skin a sexy kick, the scrub is also infused with Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil for nourished and glowing look and feel.


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  1. I love exfoliation products (as long as they don't react my skin!), I'm a huge fan of Body Shop! I love to use 'The Tan Eraser' to get rid of my tan which is actually an exfoliating mit - its the best thing I've ever used when getting rid of my tan and making my skin all fresh! x


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