Monday, 19 June 2017

The Holy Grail Makeup Remover

Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review

Never underestimate the power of a good makeup remover. We all know that good makeup is nothing without good skincare, which is part of the reason why makeup removal is so important. Making sure you properly remove all of your makeup will keep your skin clear of residue and dirt and will give your complexion it's best chance at being free of congestion, blemishes and blocked pores.

When you spend as much time as I do putting makeup on and taking it off, it's a blessing to have a makeup remover you can rely on. For me, the Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup Remover, £16.50 is that blessing. This gorgeous bottle of goodness delivers everything you could ever ask for in a great makeup remover.

When you first clamp eyes on the 2 Phases Makeup Remover, you do get the impression that it's something a little special. The division of the blue and clear liquids inside the bottle makes for an extremely aesthetically pleasing addition to your dressing table, and let's not pretend that at any age using something that looks as unique and out of the ordinary as this is a little (a LOT) exciting.

Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review
Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review

  Not only does it look other worldly, but the product itself is also heavenly. The remover is formulated with argan oil, rice brain oil, black ribes oil and chamomile extract to nourish the skin whilst also tearing through stubborn makeup. The soft texture of the oily liquid makes for super comfortable and effortless removal, one swipe on a cotton pad instantly dissolves the thickest foundation and leaves my skin feeling like a newborn's.

I haven't stumbled across another makeup removal product which makes my skin feels as soft and hydrated as this gorgeous Lord and Berry one. I also adore how even though the liquid has a slightly oily texture and feel to it, it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and grimy like other oil makeup removers do. 

This perfect product really is a the top of the makeup removal game, there's nothing I'd rather turn to for ultra quick and majorly effortless removal.


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