Sunday 1 October 2017

The Hangover Edit

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When you're living it up with your sixth glass of prosecco, the furthest thing from your mind is how horrific you are going to feel in the morning. For me, the morning after the night before is not a pretty sight. Aside from the shakes and crippling nausea, I normally find myself pale, dry, with massive bags under my eyes and on the verge of a major breakout where I've more than likely passed out in bed without taking my ten tonne of slap off.

The day after a heavy night, I have to take extra precaution to even slightly resemble my normal self and there are few products that you will always find me reaching for when hungover,

Drinking transforms my normally oily skin into a dry, pasty mess overnight. I adore this Too Faced primer on the best of days, but I am especially grateful for it when suffering a hangover. The creamy consistency of this primer delivers my skin an intense hit of hydration, which instantly brightens up my dull complexion and makes it look and feel healthier. Plus, it smells like coconuts - what's not to love?!

My under eye bags are unforgiving when I've treated myself to one too many. Not only do they appear in full force, but they are often very purple toned, which makes me resemble a dead body. Beaut. Colour corrector is my go-to in this instance and I opt for this liquid Bobbi Brown one as it a lot more hydrating and gentle than more solid creams. The texture allows it to apply more evenly and naturally when my skin is dehydrated for quick and comfortable under eye bag extermination.

There's nothing that fakes awake better than a light eyeliner. I swipe this gorgeous nude liner into my waterline to breathe new life into my haggered, hungover face. I like to use nude instead of white when hanging as it looks more natural and give a subtle and soft pop to my eyes. 

Blush is a massive must when I'm looking more than a little lack lustre. A subtle wash of colour makes the world of difference and gives a healthy, natural glow to your complexion. For this, I adore the Morphe Blush Palette which contains 9 unique shades, perfect for any skin tone and makeup look. I simply pick up a small amount on a big powder brush and then apply onto the apples of my cheeks, dragging the product across my cheeks towards my ears. 


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