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Save VS Splurge: Best Face Mask For Blemishes

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If there's one thing I love, it's a good face mask. I have blemish prone skin, so I often find myself reaching for masks when my skin takes a spotty turn. For me, the masks in my skincare cupboard HAVE to be super effective when it comes to skin clearing, I don't enjoy half measures when it comes to my skincare - it has to be highly functional and reliable in my times of desperate need.

When it comes to beauty, it's not always the case that the more expensive the product, the better it is. There are a lot of ah-mazing budget products on the market and I recently found myself thinking about my favourite expensive masks VS my favourite inexpensive ones. Two masks that are often compared to each other are the Glamglow Supermud Mask and the Origins Clear Improvement Mask. Glamglow weighs in an eye-watering £42, whereas Origins is a much nicer £25. I've investigated these two in comparison to each other to find out whether you're better off saving your money or investing in the splurge.

Glamglow Supermud Mask

If you haven't heard of Glamglow before, where the heck have you been hiding? Glamglow's Supermud is a cult product but along with that major reputation, comes with a major price tag. So, is it worth parting with your well earned money for?

On the directions, you're advised to apply an even, thin layer all over your face or directly to the problematic areas. Although I've never tried it on anything except blemishes, the mask also claims to also combat redness, balance oily skin, scars, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. When you apply the mask to your skin, the texture of it makes it easy to layer so you can make it as thick as you desire. I tend to apply a sparse layer over the general areas of my face, and then lay it on more generously onto my problem areas. You feel the mask start to tighten pretty quickly, and you start to see it turn a lighter grey as it dries. You can visibly see the more oily areas of your face and they remain a darker grey, which is kind of cool to look at. It's the little things, no? 

I leave the mask on for around 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. After removing the face mask, I adore that I can instantly notice a difference. Although my blemishes aren't magically vanished (fucking rude), they are noticeably less red and oily and my whole complexion feels refined, balanced and glowing. I always do my masks of an evening, and the morning after is when the real magic happens. My blemishes clearly are making a swift exit, and my skin remains balanced and even in texture. 

After a few uses, it's become clear that I can wholeheartedly rely on this mask to get rid of spots sharpish. There's none of that 'gets worse before it gets better' bollocks, my skin simply feels refreshed and clear in a flash after using Glamglow.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

The Origins Clear Improvement Mask promises to combat oily skin, clear pores and also banish blemishes. When I apply this to my face, the texture is surprisingly watery which makes it slightly difficult to apply a nice even layer until it starts to dry slightly. This isn't a massive issue and it definitely doesn't make any difference to the mask's performance, but it does make it slightly (literally the tiniest bit) less easy to apply in comparison to other masks I like and also means you have to use more product to build up a thicker layer.

Once you apply the mask, your face instantly feels refreshed and cool, and while its drying it doesn't get super tight or uncomfortable in any way so you really feel relax and smoothed while wearing it. It's very pampering.

On the tube of the mask there aren't any instructions on how long you should leave it on for. It says 'allow to dry, rinse well', and the mask doesn't dramatically change shade or feel super tight so you just have to kind of judge when the remove it. I tend to leave it for around 15 minutes which is how long I'd typically leave a face mask on for. When you remove it, it glides off easily with warm water so there's no mess or fuss getting it off. 

Straight away after removing, my spots are noticeably less red and swollen but the one area I notice it doesn't affect massively is my clogged pores. As the days go on my spots do continue to shrink and vanish and a result of using this mask but they don't go at the same rapid rate as the Glamglow makes them.

The Conclusion

While many people swear by the Origins Clear Improvement mask and I do really like it, it doesn't wow me and I don't wholeheartedly rely on it like I feel like I can with Glamglow. To have a mask that you can fully trust like that is so rare so honestly even though it is a lot of money, I definitely think it's worth it! I do want to make it clear that the Origins Clear Improvement mask is a good product and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a blemish busting mask, but the Glamglow mask definitely takes the biscuit.


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