Sunday, 4 March 2018

How To Cover Acne & Redness With Makeup

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It's no secret that I've had ups and downs with my skin. I went through a solid few years of constant breakouts of painful spots and uncontrollable redness and although for the most part my skin has calmed down significantly, I still have weeks where my skin flares up and I have to dust off the big guns to ensure I have maximum coverage on my complexion when I feel that I need it. Watch my tutorial below to see how I take my skin from red and patchy to party-ready and please don't forget to subscribe to my channel, I'd really appreciate it!  

If your skin is something you feel like you're in constant battle with, take it from someone who has been there that it does get better. I feel like I tried every trick in the book to try and calm down my acne before I found something that actually worked - please be patient and while you feel like your skin may not be as perfect as porcelain, always remember that your skin doesn't define you and that however you feel about yourself on the inside will always seep into your outwards attitude. If you do everything with confidence and self-love, that will resonate.


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