BALANCE Nutrition Programmes

BALANCE: 8 Week Nutrition Coaching

BALANCE offers completely individual, 8 week programmes which are designed to give clients long lasting, maintainable results.

  • Only a limited amount of clients are taken on at one time to maintain the quality of all programmes.
  • No two BALANCE programmes are the same. They are unique nutrition strategies which are tailored to a client’s individual lifestyle and goals.
  • BALANCE programmes are not fads or quick fixes and aim to equip clients with lifestyle changes which can be used beyond their BALANCE programme.


With 1:1 weekly coaching (Recommended for: someone looking for the most guidance & support)

Without 1:1 weekly coaching (Recommended for: the extremely self motivated)

With a specific personalised diet plan (Recommended for: time conscious)

Without a specific personalised diet plan (Recommended for: someone who wants the most control over their nutrition)

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