Sunday, 18 June 2017

Hello, Summer Lipsticks

Dare I say these words? Summer is here. The blue sky is now clear from clouds, I can feel the heat on my skin and I finally feel like I can shed my tights once and for all until winter falls upon us. 

Part of the summer ritual is embracing fluorescent, bright lipstick shades which I am more than okay with doing. Long lashes and bold, bright lips is my signature summer makeup look but my lipstick has to be low maintenance and super comfortable. Do I want to reapply every time I sip my prosecco? God, no. Meet my favourite cocktail and kisses friendly lippies...

This brand seems to have appeared from absolutely no where, but that is by no means a complaint; Coloured Raine have some of the most beautiful, bold and unique liquid lipsticks out there. For summer, I'm absolutely living for Sweet Cake, which is a punchy burnt orange shade. Perfect against both deeper and lighter complexions, this colour is wearable but still guaranteed to make your makeup stand out from the crowd. 

Home truth: Insanely comfortable on your lips.

The colours don't get bolder than those from Beauty Bakerie. Tres Jolie is the prettiest, brightest pink in my lipstick collection and there's no better time than summer to flaunt this stunning shade. You'll be pleased to know these lipsticks are impressive on as they look in the bottle. One swipe delivers a generous amount of pigment and (even better), they won't budge. 

Home truth: Doesn't smell the best (read: like paint).

From the top left hand corner clockwise: Sweet Cake, Tres Jolie, Mrs Roper, Stripped.

What summer lip round up would be complete without an orange toned red lipstick? I happily hand Too Faced the crown for creating the beauty that is Mr Roper. This beautiful shade makes for effortless show stealing and is guaranteed to hot up any summer outfit. Whilst the matte texture is a tad on the dry side, the pigmentation will not let you down.

Home truth: On the patchy side.

Okay, okay, I know this isn't the boldest of the bunch but I had to stick a super wearable one in there. We ALL have days - yes, even me - where we fancy something a little more muted. While this pink toned nude definitely isn't much of a statement, one thing it definitely doesn't lack is colour pay off. This gorgeous nude makes it mark with super impressive pigmentation and equally as amazing longevity. 

Home truth: The Queen of liquid lipsticks doesn't disappoint.


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